Keep your muscle mass! Preserving muscle mass as you age is not just important for athletic performance, it's also important for decreasing the chances that you'll be disabled when you get older.  New research shows that you can build muscle by wearing compressive straps while performing easy exercises. The Triple Stick Strap is designed to create the lowest level of muscle compression proven to accelerate muscle remodeling: 50mmHg as measured with a blood pressure cuff. This level feels similar to the pressure associated with a firm but comfortable handshake. The Velcro locking points allow you to easily increase or decrease muscle compression while exercising, and the soft edges make the strap comfortable enough to wear while performing your workouts.

The Triple Stick Strap is perfect for people with knee arthritis, as they can significantly increase muscle mass while lifting light weights through a smaller range of motion.

The Triple Stick Strap is great for managing muscle strains.

The Triple Stick Strap is especially helpful for managing knee cap tracking disorders. By compressing the quad muscle, the strap prevents the kneecap from shifting as the thigh rotates while exercising.