RUNNING FOR REAL Podcasts by Tina Muir

Check out Running for Real Podcasts by Tina Muir. Tina, who recently became a mom, is a professional runner, 2:36 marathoner, and British Olympic hopeful. She has been featured in dozens of publications including People Magazine, SELF, Well+Good, ESPN, Women’s Health, The Daily Mail, Runners World, Outside Online and more. In 2017, Tina was chosen as one of 21 women changing the running world by Women’s Running Magazine.

Tina has created the RUNNING FOR REAL website for the running community and recently launched the Running For Real Podcast series. Each series has up to 7 hours of interviews with 6 or 7 experts on specific topics, including: Mental Toughness Training, Coming Back From Injuries (Dr. Tom Michaud is one of the experts Tina interviews), Marathon Training, Running For Beginners, Running Nutrition, and Pregnancy/Postpartum Running.